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Thierry Mugler RTW S/S ‘13 Runway Details

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Wolfgang Tillmans - Lighter , blue convex , 2010.
 Do they make this in a nail varnish ? Cause they should. 



They do! I have this exact shade but there aren’t labels or anything :(

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Gucci, spring 2013
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My tumblr and all it’s pages are so outdated but I’m too lazy to update them. :(

Every girl wants a bad boy who will be good just for her.

— (via hrrypotters)

  • Mirror: you look cute today
  • Camera: lol no
  • Instagram filters: I got you
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as-tu-deja-aime asked: hey, i've been following you for forever, and was pleasantly surprised when checking my following list that you'd updated for the first time in a while! despite not having a positive reason to come back, i'm glad you did - you have an amazing blog :) your boyf was a fool, cause while us followers might not have known you as personally, we could tell you're something special. stay strong! (i hope this isn't weird haha) xo

Hey there! Wow thank you :) Yes it’s been a while, I’ve just been so busy with uni, hardly had the time to blog. But now I need inspiration and a place to vent. You’re the sweetest, thank you xx

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Anonymous asked: We haven't really talked in a few years or whatever but I saw your read more and just want to say, I hope you're okay. You deserve better and even though we really weren't super close, what happened to you isn't fair. Chin up and smile. It's not going to be easy but that guy is an asshole and you're worth far more. x

Hey anon, I know, I think I finally believe it now. Thank you! Please tell me who you are. x